Accommodate whole spectrum of Retailers + Food & Beverage operators from large chains with multi-company, multi outlets and multi-terminal operations to single stores working on single-user PC’s. Our passion to provide complete solutions to Point of Sales needs, also consult the industry to implement system deployment. Bring I.T to live!

Our technology that sets us apart from the rest Connectivity, data, and seamless processing are crucial for your business. That is why SMART systems are capable of connection both single or multiple POS to a Headquarter or a Local Area Network via the internet, ensuring communication exists from anywhere around the world. Even though the server is somehow inaccessible or the internet in not functional, SMART POS terminals will still continue to operate independently. What this means for you is that it’s business as usual.

Besides that, because your server is located at your own premise, back office functions can be accessed from POS or individual back office workstations and vice versa. And when it comes to data, you’ll be obtaining it in real-time (inventory and account updates) as the communication between server and POS terminals occur every few seconds.


Tech Aspects & Data Communication

  • The system is capable of connecting single or multiple POS to HQ, LAN or internet.
  • It enable all POS counters & branches communicating via the internet to the main server from anywhere in the world.
  • The server is located at the customer’s own HQ premise. Back office functions can be accessed from POS or individual back office workstations & vice versa.
  • Security options will allow access to selected users. All “sensitive” areas of the program are access controlled as well as password protected.
  • The POS data is stored on its own hard drive to maximize its reliability and independence on the server or other devices.
  • The communication between the server and POS terminals take place every few seconds, to provide real-time data processing, inventory & accounts updates.
  • If, however, the server is inaccessible or the internet is not functional, the POS terminals will continue to operate independently without interruption until the communication is fully re-established.