Businesses cannot afford to get sluggish in the fast-paced industry of the food and beverage sector. Let our POS system put you ahead of the game by allowing you to control and overcome common challenges faced by most F&B outlets such as order processing, floor & service management, inventory & sales management, and much more. Eliminate unnecessary duplication of processes and focus on your business growth and expansion. There’s really no simpler and accurate way than this.



Case Reference

Smart F&B solutions is one of the most affordable, proven and reliable F&B solutions available. Despite being so simple to use, it provides a wide range of functionality including Table, reservation, fast food order, order send to kitchen , Menu combo modify, cash control, merchandize planning, inventory and allocation, POS, members, promotions, multi-channel support, business analysis and more.

Our solutions helps retailers get back to basics – improving speed, increase services, improve efficiency and cut costs, yet can be rapidly deployed to meet the most demanding timescales.

Smart F&B solutions provide the following business benefits to retailers:

  • Automate tedious restaurant tasks and maximize efficiency
  • Increased sales & profits
  • Support F&B promotion – happy hour etc success
  • Improve customer service
  • Better planning & cost on menu / stocks
  • Prevent business loss thru fraud & theft at outlets
  • Data highway & business info anytime anywhere
  • Allow you to grow & expand more outlets!

Then, consider the recurring return on investment from increased F&B effectiveness, many happy royal customers, more accurate and timely information, and benefits that flow from better monitoring of promotions, store credits, pricing, and competitive activity (to name just a few).

Smart F&B solutions implementations are the quickest and most cost effective in the industry. And unmatched flexibility minimizes total cost of ownership over the long term.

Smart F&B solutions is proven in a wide range of F&B environments – from fast dining, cafe to posh restaurant – our software shows its wide spectrum of individuality and adaptability.