Inventory Solutions

Advance Inventory To Grows Business

It’s easy to monitor stock movement with Smart Inventory. Just set up the system and be in the know of stock transactions at any time. A report is at your disposal should you require it.With system in place, you maintain stocks, fully manage the retail business with get boosted with Information power.
How can I know the stocks at my finger tips?
  • Maximizes profits from streamline inventory
  • Improve cash flow by reduce slow moving stocks
  • Good merchandise decisions to get more sales
  • Never run out of stock to remain happy customers
  • Build royalty customers with effective promotion campaign
  • Versatile stock pricing mechanism to stay competitive
  • Holistic inventory control & insights , by store, location or inĀ  a consolidate view
  • Know it all : complete stocks flow, strong search, cost, price settings etc
  • Ease daily task with great efficiency through total POS management solutions
  • Maintain & build up membership
  • Solutions ready to support Point of sales & multi stores growth
  • The inventory module is linked to the accounts module, quick profitability assessment
  • Value for money (pre-package) & buy as you grow your outlets
  • Online real time inventory info anytime anywhere