Smart POS

Point Of Sales – Leave Cash Register Machine Behind
Smart POS, a total solution for you to control your business. For multi chain stores, the online POS technology seamlessly & automatically consolidate individual stores data & gives you a centralized way of managing your chain store. Compatibility with standard hardware, Smart POS software has received more than 3000 successful implementation to date & still growing strong thanks to our customer recommendations & expansion.


Key Benefits

• Ease of use – train Less & enhance productivity

• Easy to use – reduce user resistance

• Fast deployment – get up & running quickly

• Efficiency – integrate POS, complete stock functionality & full set account, no double entry

• Auto update – new stock code, member & price update

• Real time data tracking – on sales, cash, stocks, inventory

• Accurate management & analysis – Immediate Inventory & member info

• Simplify shop tasks & focus on customer service delivery, loyalty program gets customers to come back

• Save man power & costs – maximize competitive advantage

• Centralized, all-in-one data management – allow HQ to control shops operations from anywhere

• Manage even chain stores remotely with full security

• Security control – user access & login to control fraud

• Advanced & complete functionality – discount, promotion, members points & more

• Ready infrastructure – can support growing store, accommodate fast & heavy transactions



• Support for all types of inventory including multi-dimensional item entry (color, size, style), items with serial numbers (mobile, TV Sets, computer spares)

• Setting different price levels, mark-up, mark-down pricing – price protection reports

• Integrate inventory & complete accounting with no posting

• Bar code scan option in all the transactions

• Weighing machine barcode scanning

• Customer management, loyalty programs ; member can collect points to use for gift redemption & member discount.

• Comprehensive promotion functionality : quantity discount, periodical discount, happy hour discount, mix &match discount, purchase with purchase etc

• Support for gift voucher

• Multiple bill types and payment options

• Connection with POS peripherals including scanner, printer, cash drawer etc

• User Access level for Change Price, Discount, Delete

• Definable Government Tax and Service Charge

• Round cent adjustment

• Comprehensive, flexible and user-defined reports

• Multi-company, multi department and multi location support