Business Backend & Business Intelligence

Our professional team works hard to fit your needs by integrating the latest technologies.

Business Backend

  • Effortlessly Sync Information Across All Offline Stores
  • Seamless Integration of Online & Offline Store
  • Manage everything in one place. From inventory, reporting & customer management, run your business on a unified platform with real time inter-connectivity between HQ, online commerce & physical store!
  • Branches & subsidiary management

Business Intelligence

  • Better Decisions with Business Intelligence
  • Customisable to data you required
  • Pre-Design report for fast on board

Integrate the latest technologies

Our professional team works hard to fit your needs by integrating the latest technologies.

INCard Loyalty Platform

  • Real Time Member Info
  • Integrated to POS Check Out
  • Ready to Use Card Wallet or Private apps Development

O2O Ecommerce Linking

  • Integration with Online Web Store
  • Hassle Free Linking
  • Automate Online Sales Data in Accounting
  • Consolidate Offline & Online Member

Serverless Setup & Secure Communication

Our professional team works hard to fit your needs by integrating the latest technologies.

Serverless Setup

  • Easy On Board with Serverless Options
  • Scalable & Expandable
  • Access from Anywhere & Anytime

Corporate Communication Apps

  • Secure Email
  • Online Video Conference

Inventory Process & Business Apps

Our professional team works hard to fit your needs by integrating the latest technologies.

Customize Business Process Apps

  • Operational Excellence via real time stock data synced with Business Backend
  • Provide your sales rep with timely information & capture order instantly
  • Distributed stock-take, paperless stock-in & stock-out with real time insights
  • Seamless Integration to Backend
  • On-The-Go Info & Access
  • Simplify Business Apps Process

Info2go Business Apps

Monitor your business with timely info! Travel and search for new opportunities with real-time reports on sales, profits, cash, stocks & more with just one app – Info2Go!
Designed by our team for your convenience.

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Suitable for Retail Kiosk / F&B


MYR999One Time, No Monthly Subscription
  • No Backend
  • Lite Inventory
  • OneEZ OneF&B POS
  • Single Location
  • No Include Smart Cover
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Suitable for New Setup

Startup Bundle

Start From
MYR2000One Time, No Monthly Subscription
  • Perfect for New Business
  • Dynamod Inventory 1User
  • TouchPOS Retail / F&B
  • Unlimited SKU
  • Include 1st Year Maintenance
  • Mobile Apps Report Viewer
  • E-Wallet Integration
  • Not Include Smart Cover
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Customise Your Needs

Start from
  • Market Places
  • Stock Take Mobile Apps
  • Matrix Item Creation & Entry
  • Subsidiary Company for Franchise
  • Private Loyalty CRM
  • Pivot B.I. Reporting Tools
  • ERP Integration

Expand Your Business to the Next Level

Bundles of integration is ready.

Compare the features

 BasicStartup BundleEnterprise
Unlimited Item Codevvv
User Access Right Controlvvv
Discount Level Controlvvv
Custom Payment Methodvvv
E-Wallet Linkingvvv
Multiple Kitchen Docket Printingvvv
Customize Receipt Formatvvv
Linking to Full Inventory Module vv
Record Sales Person for transaction vv
Record Customer Detail vv
Multiple backend user access  v
Online Access from anywhere  v
Customize Add-On  v

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