What is TouchPOS?

Simple & Easy To Use​
Fulfilling every retailer’s dream. On top of speedy checkout & payments, get instant real-time data from multiple stores with Touch POS! Now you can focus on delivering the best experience for your customers.​

Be A Touch POS Pro In No Time​
First store or not, Touch POS is so easy that your staff will be performing transactions and managing the cash drawer in no time! Optimize your operation and make better business decisions with Touch POS reports on sales, inventory, storage waste, customer base and more. Enjoy strong support with our reliable backing and track record of 20,000 satisfied customers!

Touch POSRetail POS Solutions 

For robust retail pos solutions & making perfect transactions

Retail pos solutions

Be it touch action or scan action, the system supports duo actions. Cashier can proficiently process payments. Hold up bill to attend next customer when situation occurs & remain a bright big smile to customers.

Take payments easily, quickly buttons to accept cashwalletloyaltycredit payments, even split payments and credit invoice sales. Easily add buttons to accept multiple credit cards and vouchers. System is ready to connect with credit card merchant.

E Wallet

What does TouchPOS​ can do?

  • Run online or offline
    Always up even internet line is off. Real time auto-sync to backend
  • Store stuff clock in out
    Automated time attendance
  • Easy pretty counter
    Quick scan or entry by code, with dual display
  • Many quick payment
    Integrate credit card Terminal & reader, digital price tags etc. Freedom of banks gateways & e-wallets like AliPay& more
  • Analytics
    By price, orders, payments



Quick scan or entry by code, always right!


Credit card terminal & cash, freedom to pay


Quantity, price & selling trend


Loyalty program, points & more


Get the best setup for your store


By price, orders, payments & prices


Centralized control & review, easy manage


Get access to info on the go, your lifestyle

Barcode Scanning & Fast Selection

Barcode Scanning 

Using barcode scanner to scan Product Barcode will assist you easily to get the item details


In this page, you able to select the item that without scanning barcode. It also allow you more easy to select instead of remembering the code

Integrate with E-Wallet & E-Commerce

E-Wallet is a new payment  that work out of an app such as BOOST,TouchNGo and others.When customer made payment, POS System just simple by scanning the app barcode to collect payment.

Once complete payment, the app will auto deduct the amount that customer purchase the goods.

E-Commerce is a  tool for their customers easy to purchase their products through the web.

Once customer complete order from the web, the pos system will capture their order and prepare for the customer to collect.


Search Member

With advanced simple tool, we able to search the member and check their details such as member point.

We able to register the membership instantly by using MYCARD to fill up the customer details.


In the loyalty program, we can search the customer purchase history when we needed.

With this information, we can easy to track when,where and what item they had purchase.

Dual Display


-Simple and Smart outlook


-Can insert product video or promotion slide show to promote product on the screen


Reporting important to Business Success

Reporting is done through the process of compiling and reviewing the information within a specific functional area such as daily summary, daily collection or other report where performance is monitored and measured.

Once report had been gather may explain why an issue has occurred or may identify performance problems and generally will recommend a course of action.